Sunday, September 11, 2011

GF Chocolate chip cookies

I wanted to bake something that wasn't too hard. All of my flour was used up. I at first thought I didn't have enough Pamela's mix. I looked on the bag for a recipe and remembered the chocolate chip cookies recipe. I made it twice before. The first time I made it my dad said not to put in the brown sugar because it seemed like to much. Then when I took it out it came out like scones with chocolate chips. Later I asked my dad how come other chocolate cookies look dark brown not beige. Then I remembered the sugar. So whatever the recipe calls for. You need to put in. But other than that the cookies were great. They weren't too hard to make. Except for in the beginning of the recipe it says cream the butter and sugar, but doesn't tell you how. I looked it up and you cream them by just mixing them together until you can see now more gritty pieces of sugar and beige color. Overall I love this recipe the cookies are so good.

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