Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Fruit Brunch Cake

I baked a cake recently for breakfast. It was from the book Gluten-Free Bible. The cake was great and I used Pamela's baking mix with cornmeal to make it. It was a great recipe. It was not too hard to make, but wasn't too easy. but it tasted great it tasted like cornbread but a little sweeter. Then ontop of the cake I put strawberries and drizzled vanilla yogurt over it. I was surprised at how good it tasted. I'd definatley make it again. As I said, instead of using the books own recipe for a flour blend I used Pamela's baking mix. That was a great idea because the recipe for the flour blend was only flour, so for the cake recipe it called for baking powder and soda along with xanthan gum. But Pamela's baking mix had the flour along with baking soda, xanthan gum and baking powder which made the recipe very easy. If your looking for a good breakfast and have a fair amount of time I'd reccomend this recipe.

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