Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Trip

So I went to Disney world last week. It was fun and I got myself to go on Space Mountain which wasn't as scary as I thought (Roller coasters aren't my favorite ride). Anyway the food, I found options and was able to eat easily all over Disney world. At one restaurant they even had gluten-free bread rolls... they were delicious, however some of the food in Disney world I disliked, but I can't be picky because they are being so generous to have gluten- free options. After my trip to Disney world my family and I drove to Georgia to see some of our relatives there, I found out that a lot of the restaurants there had gluten-free menus, most of them didn't have stuff that they could make gluten-free like bread but they had gluten-free options which I thought was great, but now I'm back at home working on my cookbook.

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