Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cake

My younger brother wanted me to bake him a cake for his birthday party. so I baked a cake and decorated it to look like a present. Here's a picture of it:
It may not look too good but it was incredibly hard to make. I was going to bake two  cakes but as always disaster struck when the cakes were too thin so I had to add another layer. After that was over I had to decorate it. I used marshmallow fondant. That wasn't the best choice I think because first, it was so hard to make and used up so much ingredients (or at least the recipe I found did) and it was really sweet. but I made it after a while and rolled out for the sides of the present, and then my neighbor helped me think of the way to put on a bow and we did that. On the day of the party I used these amazing food markers? (you can write on frosting and such) But it turned out to be really fun and since I was watching lots of those cake shows where they have to decorate cakes My cake turned out really good.

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